The Mission

Brothers and Briefcases is a national professional development initiative, connecting ambitious men of color.

Our goal is to challenge the narrative currently surrounding the black man in America by redefining his status, and presence perception in society–one insightful discussion at a time.

Meet the Alumni of Brothers and Briefcases 

Sean Williams

Founder of The Dad Gang 

Devan Dmarcus  Founder of The Heart Werk

Devan Dmarcus 

Founder of The Heart Werk 

Jeff Lindor 

Founder/CEO of Gentlemen’s Factory

The Briefcase Membership








Jenyo Aladejebi,

Founder of CLUTCH

Brothers and Briefcases is a truly groundbreaking platform that brings together successful Black Entrepreneurs who are giving back to their community to share their stories, struggles, and advice. It connects the idea of brotherhood amongst black men with the importance of connecting black-owned businesses that better service the Black Community as a whole. As a Black man myself, I truly felt more connected with the speakers and was inspired to utilize my platform as a social enterprise to build up my community. Ms. Lopez is changing the game when it comes to connecting our community!

Jason Rosario,

Founder of The Lives of Men & Brothers and Briefcases Alumnus

The world is yearning to hear our voice and for us to tell our authentic stories, as Black and Brown men. Brothers and Briefcases is a platform that showcases the depth and range of who we are as Black men, fathers, husbands, brothers, and entrepreneurs.

Paola Hernandez,

Event attendee

As a black woman, I would like to say “Thank You” to Ms. Lopez for creating a platform for Black men to share their stories. Before I attended I believed there were good Black men out there but after attending B&B I know that there are GREAT Black men in this world. I left the event feeling overwhelmed to know that Black men can be vulnerable, nurturing, and loving.

Brandon Frame,

Founder of The Black Man Can & Brothers and Briefcases Alumnus

Brothers and Briefcases represents positive imagery for men of color but more importantly, it is a safe space for men to be human and to share their human experience with others and not feel judged. Ms. Lopez has curated an event that can truly create social transformation for our communities.



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