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the woman behind the  brand

Guildia Lopez graduated from Virginia State University with a degree in Marketing, but while gaining corporate experience in high luxury with Tiffany & Co. and Cartier, Guildia’s entrepreneurial spirit became stronger.

After a dream in 2016, Guildia scribbled the words “Brothers and Briefcases” on a piece of paper, not knowing what it meant. That same year she noticed that her anxiety was being heightened due to all of the police brutality and the death of countless black men. In 2017, she connected those emotions to the words she scribbled and created Brothers and Briefcases, her company dedicated to highlighting the positive achievements of Black Men.

Guildia’s vision is to show the world what she sees when she looks at Black men: Beautiful humans!

After the success of her first Brothers and Briefcases event in June 2017, which highlighted different Black men from different walks of life, Guildia curated seven more experiences. Currently, there are 36 Black men, whom she calls Alumni, who have shared their stories of triumph throughout six-panel discussions in front of an average of 100 people.

This is Brothers and Briefcases.

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